I learn computer science and natural language processing in Tsinghua University.

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I write books, papers and patents to publish my research achievements.

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I work in RSVP Technologies Inc. We teach machines to understand human languages.

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I create projects to improve our lives with computer.

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I play games, accordion and watersports in my spare time.

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Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science and Technology)

2008/09 - 2013/07. Tsinghua University, Beijing. Graduated with Department Honors.

PhD dissertation: Study on Public Sentiment Analysis of Events in Microblogs. THUIR group.

Master's thesis: A Prediction Method for Anti-germ Performances and Key Ingredient Levels of Detergents.


Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Technology)

2004/08 - 2008/07. Tsinghua University, Beijing. Graduated with Department Honors.

Bachelor's thesis: Study on Image Recognition Methods for Industrial Parts on Automated Production Lines.

Awards: Feitu Scholarship, China Construction Bank Scholarship, China Computer World (CCW) Scholarship etc.


High School

2001 - 2004. Beijing Jingshan School.

My seat in Tsinghua's lab


  • “对话”元宇宙. 华为云联创营元宇宙高峰论坛, InfoQ、华为云、清华大学新媒体研究中心. 2021-11-27.
    In conversation with metaverse. Huawei cloud metaverse summit. Replay (InfoQ login required)
  • 知识计算中的语义理解. 知识计算技术沙龙, 人工智能产业发展联盟(AIIA)与中国信息通信研究院(CAICT). 2021-08-20.
    Semantic understanding in knowledge computing. Knowledge computing Tech Forum. Replay
  • 企业知识图谱解决方案助力汽车产业数字化升级. DataFunSummit:知识图谱在线峰会, 工业知识图谱论坛. 2021-03-27.
    An enterprise knowledge graph solution for automobile industry digital upgrading. DataFunSummit online summit, industrial knowledge graph session. Replay (Login required)
  • 企业知识图谱解决方案助力产业数字化升级. 华为云云市场新生态系列直播 (第20期). 2020-11-20.
    An enterprise knowledge graph solution for industrial digital upgrading. Huawei cloud market ecology series (Ep. 20). Replay
  • 刘知远, 崔安颀, 等. 大数据智能:数据驱动的自然语言处理技术. 北京: 电子工业出版社, 2020年1月第2版.
    Zhiyuan Liu, Anqi Cui, et al. Big Data Intelligence: Data-driven Natural Language Processing Technology. Beijing: Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2020.
    ISBN: 9787121375385. Link
  • 刘知远, 崔安颀, 等. 大数据智能:互联网时代的机器学习和自然语言处理技术. 北京: 电子工业出版社, 2016年1月第1版.
    Zhiyuan Liu, Anqi Cui, et al. Big Data Intelligence: Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in The Internet Age. Beijing: Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2016.
    ISBN: 9787121276484. Link
  • Ying Shan, Anqi Cui, Luchen Tan, and Kun Xiong. Overview of the NLPCC 2019 Shared Task: Open Domain Conversation Evaluation. In CCF International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Chinese Computing, pp. 829-834. Springer, Cham, 2019. Link
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  • 崔安颀, 岑荣伟, 张敏, 马少平. 基于URL特征的动态页面聚类[C] // 萧国政, 何炎祥, 孙茂松. 中文计算技术与语言问题研究: 第七届中文信息处理国际会议论文集. 北京: 电子工业出版社, 2007: 475-479. Anqi Cui, Rongwei Cen, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma. Dynamic Web-Pages Clustering Based on URL Features. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Chinese Computing, ICCC2007: 475–479. Oct 13-17, 2007. Short Paper.
Big Data Intelligence


Chief AI Officer

Since 2014. Chief AI Officer and Co-Founder of RSVP Technologies Inc. News


Postdoctoral Fellow

2013/09 - 2016/04. University of Waterloo.

Developed Question-Answering systems.


Postgraduate Intern

2011/05 - 2012/08. National University of Singapore.

Developed PrEV and StrmWrd with the WING group.

Developed OrgSense under the NExT project.


Visiting PhD Student

2009/09 - 2010/03. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

Research on Active Learning for Fast Drug Discovery with the Auton Lab.


Teaching Assistants

2008/09 - 2009/01. Discrete Maths (II). Tsinghua University, Beijing.

2009/03 - 2009/07. Microcomputer Technology. Tsinghua University, Beijing.


ColorRun with colleagues




A sentiment analysis system for marketing support of corporations.

Demo (YouTube)


A Preservation Explorer & Vault system for Web 2.0 contents.



HTML5 widgets for comparative keywords and trends visualization.



A brand monitoring system on social media posts, influential users and emerging topics.

Reference (P16-19)
MRobot Hardware Architecture


An intelligent robot on mobile phone platform. Won Tsinghua challenging cup prizes in 2007.

Demo (1) Demo (2)
WenQuXing PC1000a

Hunting Game

A strategy game on WenQuXing, a smart electronic dictionary device.


More projects on GitHub, e.g. Web development tools.



Self-made SanGuoSha cards

Board Games

I've played more than 50 board games. Sometimes I create.

Kayaking on the Grand River


I love swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddling and snorkeling.

Pittsburgh downtown night view from Mt Washington


I plan to organize my traveling photos in a geographic view. Please check back later.

Sunset in Paphos, Cyprus


I collect coins, university souvenirs and postcards. I also collect sunset videos in traveling.

Kayaking in Marina Bay, Singapore


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